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For info. on a product line, click on the Manufacturer's logo to be taken directly to their website. 


VibrAlign, Inc. - Fixturlaser NXA Pro, NXA Ultimate and EVO wireless touch-screen Laser shaft alignment systems;  Fixturlaser GO Pro, GO Basic & GO Wind Laser shaft alignment systems;  Belt Hog pulley & sprocket alignment system;  Fixturlaser Laser Kit and Dials Kits; Hog Brand Shims;  The Hawk Machinery Diagnostics System;  Other systems available for roll parallel alignment; extruder alignment; straightness, flatness, perpendicularity, and parallel measurements;  Contract alignment service and training.





The Kinetic Co. - Shear, slitter, and perforating blades; Anvils and bands, winding mandrels and log saws for the paper industry; Shear and slitter blades, saws, and small rolls for the metals industries. Custom blades and hardened steel tooling.


Log saws for the paper industry; Friction saws for steel and non-ferrous mill applications; blades for veneer, chipper, plywood, OSB, hammermills, hogs, and other forest products applications; plastics pelletizer, granulator, and grinder blades; tire shredder blades.




Farval - Centralized oil and grease lubrication systems and components, featuring modular single line, dualine, injectors, single-point lubricators, air-oil systems, circulating systems, pumps, hose reels, grease fittings and guns, air line components.




Bijur- Single line resistance, positive displacement injector, & progressive lubrication systems, including lubricators, metering devices, & peripherals, for machine tool & other applications.




Delimon- Grease and oil lubricators; Oil recirculation systems; Divider valves; Wheel, track, and conveyor lubrication systems.




Alemite - Oil mist lubrication systems and components; pumps; lubricant dispensing hoses and hose reels; lubrication fittings and accessories.



Jackson & Associates, Inc.


Pump Repair - Full service repair shop in Dallas Texas – all brands of pneumatic drum pumps, piston pumps, and electric pumps including Alemite, ARO, Graco, Lincoln, Samson, and Farval.  Quick turnaround times.  They also offer rebuild services for Farval central lube stations, and Cleveland gear boxes & mechanical speed variators.




Southwestern Petroleum Corp. - Maker of high performance lubricants for use in industrial and commercial applications, including high-heat, high-shock, & food grade greases; gear oils; engine oils; compressor oils; hydraulic oils; fuel & oil improvers; spray lubricants; and metalworking fluids.




Renold / Ajax - Gear couplings; Flexible disc & Hi-Tec elastomer couplings; Mill type gear and universal joint spindles; Spindle and driveshaft maintenance and reconditioning; Holroyd custom worm gear sets; Catalog & custom engineered worm gear and worm-helical gearboxes. Sprag non-reversing clutches for conveyors, power transmission and other applications.




Remington - MasterBlaster 8 gauge kiln guns and industrial shotshells for use in kilns, boilers, or silos in cement and lime plants, paper mills, and power plants.